Lymphatic Flush
Lymphatic Flush
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Lymphatic Flush

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Our Lymphatic system is our body's first line of defense against any foreign invaders. The lymphatic system collects all the wastes from the cells in our body then flushes it out; So that they don’t accumulate and cause diseases. Therefore it is very important to detox your lymphatic system so that its not backed up or functioning poorly.

Jus J Lymphatic Flush is our special blend of herbs that will flush the toxins from our body and protect us against invaders by carrying waste from our tissue to the bloodstream. It's then filtered through our liver and kidneys. 

** Aways make sure your kidneys are functioning properly when doing a lymphatic flush. All the toxins will need to be filtered through your kidneys.

TRY OUR KIDNEY CLEANSE to get your kidney functioning properly 



Olive Leaves


 Black Seed 

 Cat Claw


 Liquorice Root 


All herbs are 100% organic 

All herbs works best when your on an all fruits and vegetables diet. Avoid all meat including chicken and fish, diary, sugar, yeast and alcohol.

Always drink at least 64 oz of spring water daily.

 Keep in a cool dry place

Consult your physician prior to starting any new regime.